Ronald Langacker: Lectures on Cognitive Grammar

The Department of English
the Program in Cognitive Science at the Department of Philosophy,
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin

are pleased to announce:

Open lectures on Cognitive Grammar

by Professor Ronald W. Langacker.

13-14 May 2014, the Czartoryski Palace, the HQ of the Lublin Scientific Society (LTN),
Lublin, pl. Litewski 2.

The schedule of the lectures:

Tuesday, 13 May

10.00—12.00 Structure, Function, System, and Strata
15.00—17.00 Noun Classes and Nominal Structure

Wednesday, 14 May

10.00—12.00 Nominal Grounding
15.00—17.00 Quantification

In particular, we encourage all CogSci students to attend the lectures, as it is an unique opportunity to learn about cognitive linguistics from one of the „fathers” of the approach.